Scope of future work on the development and implementation of interior design

The field measurements, photographic, technical task

A set of necessary information, on the basis of which is phased design. First, the analysis object: measurements of walls, height, communication, photographic - all visual information about the object, if necessary, may return to the original to verify the applied solutions. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of the object. Second part: technical specification - data collection and wishes of the client in the form of questionnaires and interviews. Identifying the style and color preferences. Work with graphic material. Preliminary zonal division of the premises. Additions may be made in the following steps.


Planning decision, the concept of the object

You develop planning solutions based on technical specifications, taking into account all the wishes, rationally using every inch. Planning - project basis, she needs to give full time. At this stage lays the geometry of space, stylistic techniques and ideas. Formed parallel to the concept of style, the interior of the main room, it will help you determine the color, materials, furniture, filling the interior.


3D visualization of all areas

On the basis of planning decisions and technical jobs are created 3D interior. Filled with furniture, appliances, etc. 3D visualization allows you to see detailed interior in color, matching lighting, materials, finishes. With slight editing. A good way to avoid wrong decisions, unnecessary costs .The project identifies a number of articles, purchase location.


Working drawings, bill of materials

After the approval of a 3D visualization package documentation, the final selection of finishing materials (walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, lighting fixtures, doors. Detailed documentation is a two-dimensional drawings all surfaces in the room with the size, design units, bindings(the full list is presented in the project design). Basic set of materials (paper and electronic catalogues)is prepared in addition to the project and their part numbers, purchase location.


Realisation of project

Supervision will implement the interior design as accurately as possible, without straying from the project and recreate the idea to turn it into reality, to bring the project to its logical conclusion, without affecting the composition and structure. Control of construction and finishing works will help you avoid costly mistakes and inaccuracies. Regular trips to the object, making the necessary additions and adjustments, ensuring the correct execution of the drawings.

Picking at the implementation stage has more advanced features. We recommend trusted and reliable vendors that provide maximum service, bundling of items, delivery, Assembly, etc. Also, our clients receive discounts that can reduce the budget by 10-20%, and get the best quality . The right choice is always the client . Work with individual products and items. Built-in furniture, curtains, table tops, stone designs, glass objects. Create preliminary drawings of individual structures may be required at the stage of implementation. As in the case of engineers, the designer provides a thumbnail, dimensions, materials, critical nodes and principled decisions, and technologist selected contractor carries out the working drawings and agreed with the client or designer within the set of object under construction.

Construction management, interaction with contractors and suppliers, scheduling, link with supervision, equipment.

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